fAiRy tALeS

Hi there my name is Air Herk and am an author who writes dreamy and heart loving tales…. Yes, fairy tales that are mAgiCAL AnD uNtOLd… They are ADVENTUROUS, FUNNY, GOOFY, MAGICAL and sometimes ScArY. ThEY will rule your heart forever.. Enjoy the Links below. Thanks.

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E…N…J…O…Y….!! :):):)

Please also note that I have other books also available in the market but the book mentioned above is the complete collection of all fairy tales by me which includes all MERRY TALES, ANIME FAIRY TALES and specially ALL my fAiRy tALeS :):):)

Sketches of some fairy tales that are mostly for kids


Before we begin reading the tales let me tell you that I believe in joy of kids. Do you? Now, let us understand the meaning of fairy tales. So what do fairy tales stand for? Fairy tales should stand for what they mean. Just to let you know what they mean, I have put down the meaning below. Read them carefully below

FAIRY  –  F-forever A-awesome I-innately R-readable Y-yummies

TALES    T-together A-all L-leading E-endless S-smiles

FAIRY  –  F-facts A-awesomely I-intuitively R-redeem’s Y-young

TALES    T-tactically A-allowing L-lessons E-ecstatic S-superbness

FAIRY  –  F-forests A-are I-infinitely R-releasing Y-years

TALES    T-tackling A-all L-loads E-endlessly S-superlatively 

FAIRY  –  F-fantasies A-are I-innate R-running Y-y’all

TALES    T-tackle A-awfulness L-lucratively E-eyeing S-sadness

FAIRY  –  F-forever A-all I-in R-rolling Y-years

TALES    T-talk A-and L-laugh E-enabling S-satisfaction

FAIRY  –  F-fool A-aims I-in R-rogue Y-yucks

TALES    T-true A-and L-lucrative E-exists S-smartly

FAIRY  –  F-factual A-aura I-is R-realizing Y-yesess

TALES    T-to A-allow L-leadership E-eradicate S-sorrows

FAIRY  –  F-fairness A-allows I-iconic R-ruling Y-yearly

TALES    T-teaching A-all L-looting E-endless S-sorrow

FAIRY  –  F-fair A-and I-intelligent R-rules Y-years

TALES    T-to A-awesome L-laughing E-endless S-softness

FAIRY  –  F-far A-away I-in R-rolling Y-years

TALES  T-the A-awfulness L-leaves E-endlessly S-softly

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Have fun!

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